problems in the world Desert disaster ~ problems in the world

May 4, 2014

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problems in the world Desert disaster

Began the hostage crisis America when the extremists in the (Iran) operations against the
problems in the world Desert disaster
United States, were attacked by three thousand U.S. embassy and held between 50 to 60 American hostages, and that was the first in November 1979 and continued detention for a period of 444 days that the crisis ended in April 24, 1980 . was the toughest period in the life of the U.S. president (Jimmy Carter), and the Americans did the detention of the hostages is the biggest crisis faced by U.S. civilians outside their country Bayern in Tehran days before Khomeini's rule.
This was a result of America to allow the sheep. Iran to travel to New York for medical treatment, and the failure of President Carter's hostage rescue by political means and military reflects the inability of the administration of President Carter.

The decision to release the hostages and daylight is agreed that the helicopters the U.S. to land at the site to pick up the hostages and take them to a disused airport near the city, and there will be a plane of plane C-141 transfer of all Americans in a safe area across the Saudi desert, leaving the helicopter, it was scheduled to inform the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia after this plan, completed 
Received the news during the twelve hours, from 10:35 Washington time to 22:00 existence of obstacles one after the other. In the 12 o'clock show that two of the helicopters did not reach the site ever, because of a sandstorm, three hours after the plane landed C-130, but there was a truck Iranian in the area were detained passengers and fled, one, though make sure that vehicle traffic in the area is one of the unexpected things, and that was one of the signs of bad luck
At 4:45 pm Washington time told Gen. (Broaan) commander of the operation (Brzezinski), saying that there is a situation requires him to abort the rescue operation, it is among the six aircraft, which arrived at the site, and one broke down, it was still only 5 helicopters only, while was agreed that there will be at least 6 helicopters, and after an hour of deliberation, decided to President (Carter) to abort the rescue operation
problems in the world Desert disaster

 At 18:00 received (Carter) reports that one of the aircraft crashed in the desert and there are many casualties, and it turned out that one of the helicopters crashed on a C-130 plane, which was carrying fuel, and the crew of the helicopter and plane and the number eight all been killed
 The two injured suffered burns and the rest were transferred to the second C-130 helicopter to the island off the coast of Oman. Has been described (Carter) that this day is the fare worse days of his life, in the end had to face the wrath of Eranin one, and the anger of the American people, on the other hand And shame suffered by the administration at the global level in terms of a third, to translate this as a major defeat, in the presidential election at the end of the year did not get (Carter) rewarded the release of the hostages on the announcement, before swear (Reagan's) constitutional right. On January 20, 1981 it was inaugurated (Reagan) two hours, and came out (Carter) of the U.S. administration also entered carrying a question ... Who is the (Carter)?

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