the first nuclear bomb one of the problems in the world ~ problems in the world

May 5, 2014

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the first nuclear bomb one of the problems in the world

July 1945 - the bombing of the first nuclear bomb

Launched the process of man on earth since thousands of years, steps primitive scalable, has permeated this process a lot of problems in the world and solutions, these problems turned out to be a revolution and human civilization built, the most important of these solutions to discover, Fire and employment, and the invention of the wheel, and the discovery of steam, electricity, airplanes, diving , and the recruitment of Chemistry and the latter was one of the most important and most dangerous jumps civilization that changed the world and caused a lot of his problems, 16 of July 1945 was blown up first, nuclear in the desert of Los Amos in New Mexico in the United States, as a result of research and experiences of a number of scientists and one of them, "Einstein," The strength of the blast massive bomb equivalent to twenty thousand tons of TNT, the following month Two bombs were dropped directly on the "Hiroshima", "Nagasaki" in Japan, completed the Second World War The blasts left traces massive sabotage In humans and the environment And still have the effect until now The Council's nuclear world. Featuring the royal states of a nuclear bomb, the number of council members, nine members ::: United States, Russia, Britain, France, China , Ukraine, Pakistan, India and Israel , there are three states capable of making a nuclear bomb is Iran, North Korea and South Africa
There is an international treaty to prevent the spread of nuclear arms treaty commits not to produce nuclear weapons, which is a legal barrier to penetrating not allowed except in special cases and are being stored nuclear bombs in the basements built the highest level in the ground or in the ground

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