The apartheid disease that affects the skin, but do not infect the human mind ~ problems in the world

May 6, 2014

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The apartheid disease that affects the skin, but do not infect the human mind

The apartheid disease that affects the skin, but do not infect the human mind

A research paper submitted by the Baha'i International Community for Durban - South Africa - on racism, racial discrimination, fear of the dark-skinned and other forms of intolerance
20 to 24 April 2009

Does not stem racial segregation of the skin, but of the human mind, and therefore the solution of racial discrimination and estrangement from others and other manifestations of inequality should be, first and foremost, that addresses the illusions mentality that produced false concepts, over thousands of years, the superiority of one sex over another human races. In the roots of this ethnic intolerance lies the erroneous idea that the human race as a component of the foundation of the races separate and multiple layers, and that these groups enjoy the efficiencies of different human mental, moral and physical degrees require different types of deal.

The fact that there is only one human race. We are one people, one planet lives: We are a family linked to the fate of a common humanity and pledged that "be the same as the one".

The recognition of this fact is the perfect antidote to the disease of racism and fear of the other and the other manifestations of discrimination. Thus, this fact must be the guiding principle and the inevitable result behind the discussions and recommendations of the "Durban Durban Review Conference". The true understanding of this fact would be transferred to the stage of humanity beyond the ideas of tolerance, moderation based on multiculturalism. Such concepts represent effective steps towards a just and peaceful world, but alone is not enough to eradicate the pain inherent racism and other kinds of intolerance.

The principle of unity of the human world hits a chord in the depths of the soul. It is not just a way to talk about the ideals of solidarity. Nor is it just a vague concept or slogan. But it reflects the reality of an eternal, spiritual, moral and material crystallized during the process of reaching the stage of maturity of the human race in the twentieth century. This fact became more pronounced today because the people of the world before it became aware of the many ways to adopt an element on each other and become aware of the check and severity inevitable.

The total absorption of the idea of ​​unity of the human race comes after a historic transformation process through which individuals and units to greater human. It is to the families of the tribes, and then to the states and nations, and then to the unions and links countries, it becomes natural that the next step is to create a variety of global civilization, and uniform at the same time. Civilization in which all peoples and cultures integrated parts in the construction of one is the human race itself. As identified Bahá'u'lláh more than a hundred years, "what the earth but one homeland and human population."

The Bahá'í writings acknowledge that the unity of the world humanitarian require "membership changes in the structure of the present society, the changes did not witness the world has ever seen. Less reason to do is re-build the edifice of the civilized world and to achieve disarmament., And calls for addition to creating a world united organically in each hand one fundamental aspect of his life, united in Mnzawmath political, and aspirations spiritual, and in the trade and financial systems, and is united in its language and is covered with the letters spelled, but also is able to contain the endless multiplicity of characteristics nationalism various parts of the United. "

The correct understanding of "the unity of the human world," according to the recommendations of the "Durban Durban Review Conference" implies that any law or tradition or any directed mental grants rights preference or privileges to human group at the expense of the other, this is not just morally wrong, but rather, and essentially is incompatible with the interests of those who think they are better than others, one way or another.

It is also assumed that the Independent States, as contributors to global civilization pop-up, must possess common standards and to take active steps in order to eradicate from their constitutions and laws, traditions and practices of any form of discrimination based on nationality or national or basis of ethnic, religion or language or any attribute or selected individually. While it is possible to have national or ethnic heritage a source of pride and motivation for the development of positive social, should not become the basis for those features new forms of discrimination or preference whatever thin.

Finally, it assumes that justice must be the ruling principle of the social demands and actions taken by governments and a wide, international agencies and civil society organizations will address economic injustice at all levels.

Embody the standards of international human rights international consensus comprehensive, and therefore represent the best available means to combat racism, racial discrimination and prejudices associated with them. Therefore, the "Charter erase all Forms of Racial Discrimination", and signed by 173 countries, is a tool the only global legally binding and that addresses all our discussions here about destruction. It is important to discussions of this conference to emphasize the principles included in the Charter, and demanding application, instead of focusing on other issues lack of harmony and unity.

Membership of more than five million, the Baha'i International Community is made up of individuals belonging to 2000 range of ethnic and tribal descendants of almost all nationalities and religious backgrounds and social classes. The unification of the great diversity at this university than just ideological unity, Its members are working together in groups and consciously to create a global civilization based on justice, peace and sustainable development. The Baha'is believe that their own success in building a unified University of mankind stems from it is inspired by the teachings of a spiritual stresses the fact that "the unity of the human world" and the urgent need to create a peaceful global civilization

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