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May 6, 2014

important problems in the world's population explosion

The population explosion is threatening the future of humanity famine
The population explosion is threatening the future of humanity famine

The past two centuries saw a big increase in the population of the world known as the "population explosion." On October 31 (October) the past, the number of inhabitants on the planet on which we live to seven billion people. This is the first time in human history long that reaches the population to this high figure, and frightening, too, in spite of this, it will not stop at this point, where experts expect the United Nations to continue the rapid increase of the population to arrive after 34 years only, to nine billion people in the year 2045, then to 14 billion at the end of the current century,  
Experts expect to stop increasing the population of the planet at the level of 24 billion after 120 years. Ie in the year 2131, as they believe that family planning, then you will succeed in stabilizing the rate of increase at that date. Is bear the natural resources of the planet to absorb all of this growing number of human beings? Or are we in the future will face a severe shortage of food and water threatens the destruction of human life?

Scientists believe that the age of the earth about four billion and 500 million a year, and when he appeared Neanderthal since about six million years ago, the earth was filled with forests and trees and different kinds of animals, while the number of objects is less. The number of human beings grows and multiplies by small through hundreds of thousands of years, until it reached at the beginning of the second millennium of the Christian calendar since any one of a thousand and ten years to 400 million people, live in the six continents of the globe. Then multiply this number during the seven and a half centuries, to reach 800 million in the year 1750, with the beginning of the industrial revolution in European countries. Since then, the situation has changed dramatically as the population began growing rapidly, doubled by five times over two hundred years only, for up to four billion people in the mid-twentieth century.
The number of humans then by 50 per cent in half a century to reach 6 billion at the beginning of the twenty-first century. It has been shown that the human being - in his attempt to control nature was able in a short period of age since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, the elimination of millions of animals that do not wish to domesticated also destroyed large tracts of land to build a green Tjmath population. The estimated number of human beings who have lived on earth since the advent of human and so far, about 108 billion people.

Reasons for population increase

The main reason for the increase in population, the spacing difference between the number of born and the number of people dying. Until recently, the birth rate was almost equal with the mortality rate, thus keeping the balance in the population. Despite the fact that people were usually are having a larger number of children, but many of them were dying before reaching the age of five because of the spread of diseases. During the industrial revolution that took place in Europe and America in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries as a result of the advancement of science and technology, there has been a decrease in the proportion of deaths has led to change this balance.
Human has been able, thanks to scientific and technological development to increase the amount of food crops produced and distributed, as improved health services to citizens who were able to get clean water and sanitation in their homes.
At the same time popping antibiotics and vaccination against epidemics, as the spread of education among the people and the standard of living has risen in many countries. Because of this technological advances are now able people in the industrialized countries, the fight against microbes that were killing them before, as they were able to get food in abundance. With the passage of time spread of these discoveries and inventions in all parts of the world, resulting in a lower mortality rate everywhere.
Thus, while five children now are born every second, does not die but only two people, which increases the three people in the census. However, this increase occurs by a large margin in some Third World countries than in the developed world, but they affect all countries in the world through the global economy and the environment.

Food production and distribution

The use of modern technology in agriculture to increase the area of ​​cultivated land in some countries, also enables farmers in many regions of the world to increase food crop dramatically, through the use of modern irrigation methods during the past 150 years. For example, the amount of grain that has grown between 1950 and 1984 increased from 631 million tons to 650 million and one billion tons, an increase of more than doubled and a half, at a time when the world's population increased by only 1.9 times.
In recent years the media has been able to produce advanced technology and multiple ways of seeds, chemical fertilizers and insect-resistant materials and advanced machinery, which helped to increase global production of food significantly. However, this increase is not evenly distributed in all regions of the world, in Africa, which has increased its population, which decreased food production. Some experts believe that if the resulting food was distributed evenly in the world, there will be no shortage of food at least for the time being, but the lack of financial resources to buy food, which leads to the occurrence of famine in some countries.

Improve the level of public health

In the past, people were dying at an early age because of epidemics, Such as cholera, which spread through contaminated water. With the advancement of technology began some developed countries provide clean water for their citizens, then spread this way in the majority of countries in the world. The scientists were able to identify the means to protect against many diseases and their treatment of the injured.
At the same time helped improve the standard of food on the declining number of Alovat among newborns, when the newborn child gets an adequate amount of the right food, increasing his chances of life for a longer period. But unfortunately there are some people who do not have enough money nor the ability to use the right food which increases the mortality rate of children they have. The vaccination against diseases ranked second in importance after food, where scientists were able to use a vaccine to protect against some infectious diseases such as influenza and smallpox, polio and measles. The modern health care has helped in eliminating germs and microbes that spread diseases in the communities by infection.
It was the discovery of new types of medication a significant impact in the elimination of many of the diseases that have been intractable in the past, which helped the high rate of population increase. So that the millions of people who were dying because of this disease in the past, have become living for longer life. While the resulting increase in food and the high level of health treatment to reduce the number of deaths, the fertility rate has continued to rise, which brought us to what became known as the explosion of population.

The results of the rapid increase in population

Population explosion poses a significant burden on the natural resources of the planet, and threatens to lower the living standards of the people due to lack of per capita food and water and services. It is clear that population growth occurs more quickly in poor countries than in rich countries, which increases the suffering of the citizens in these countries as it leads to lower standard of living and poor health.
While the researchers did not expect the number of residents of rich countries only after 120 years, they believe that it will double in the third world countries in 33 years only. Therefore, we note that the majority of the poor live in countries with high rates of reproduction. Although the rich industrial countries do not increase as fast as the population of developing countries, but the communities are all rich and poor are affected as a result of this speed.

How can cope with the problems of overpopulation?

Some experts believe that the increase in population represents the greatest threat to the future of humanity. In the past, the high number of deaths among children and short life expectancy in adults Ihfezan balance to determine the number of the world's population. But the situation has changed now because of the high level of nutrition, hygiene and health care, so that the smaller the number of deaths among children, has also increased the average age of the adults, which led to the rapid population growth in many countries, especially in Asia, Latin America and Africa.
If the population continued to increase in the same proportions present, will increase the population of the earth greater extent than natural resources in them, leading to deprive the vast majority of people of their basic needs, not able to come back to life comfortably. They see the need to limit population growth by reducing the number of children born per family, especially in poor countries. According to statistics, most of the world's population are now in the twenty-eighth of the ages, and the number Oktralojnas human race is Han Chinese.

Water shortage and pollution problems in the world

Water shortages and pollution of the biggest problems in the world

Water shortages and pollution

Water shortages and pollution

The shortage in the supply of fresh water, problems haunting, in every time and place. Today, increasingly this problem before, the increasing demand for fresh water. The rise of many voices, here and there, warning of insufficient fresh water, as a result of low global stocks of it. However, the amount of water, and they will remain the same as the amount of water itself, which was present on the surface of the earth before, and reusable times after times, through the water cycle in nature.
The amount of water above the ground, is sufficient for all needs, however, this amount is not evenly distributed. There are some areas suffering from drought, while other areas by all sources of fresh water, from rain, rivers and lakes. It is no secret that man has made ​​himself the problem of water in some areas, bad use of natural water sources.

The different countries in the world, in terms of its share of the fresh water on Earth, with an estimated share of each state, including experiencing of rain. The State like England, receives a great deal of rain water year after year. So, Fetroadtha of fresh water manifold, from rivers, lakes and groundwater stores. While a country like Saudi Arabia, receives little rainfall, making it one of the poor countries in freshwater sources.

The torrential rainfall amounts on the globe, but this precipitation is uneven. Had this rain precipitation evenly on the globe, for all regions received a quantity of water, approximately 86 cm per year. In general, the most populous regions of the world populated by enough rain falls each year, such as Europe, South East Asia, and the eastern United States, India, and China. But more than half of the land, dry areas do not fall under rain only rarely, such as the majority of Asia, and central Australia, and most of North Africa, and the Middle East. These areas suffer from the continuing shortage of water resources, as a result of the lack of what happening in rainwater. Added to this, that some of the areas with sufficient resources of rain, may be exposed in some years, or the seasons, to the acute shortage of rainfall, exposing them to the risk of water shortages and drought, as happened in the eighties in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Ethiopia, and many other countries.

Ways to protect water sources and exploitation

Ways to protect water sources and exploitation

Throughout history man's search for sources of fresh water, and settled in next to her. The many civilizations around. As a result of the abundance of these sources, of rivers and lakes, not human to discern between the hands of a fortune. Did not keep it, and has been dashed and squandered. And threw many of the towns and villages Bnfallatha and disbursement, in fresh water Vlutth.

In most of the country, estimated that pay dues to the consumption of water, according to the size of the house or housing, without regard to the amount of water being consumed, prompting the residents of these homes, the wasteful consumption of fresh water. However, in some cities, ride counters to estimate the water, on the basis of actual consumption. In this case, increasing the value of benefits paid, depending on the amount of water consumed, which encourages saving water, and reduce wastage of which, by repairing the water system in the house, and water pipes damaged.

It also began in many cities, projects benefit from sewage, by processing rather than discharged into the sea or fresh water bodies and pollution. The use of treated wastewater, in land reclamation and cultivation, irrigating gardens, streets, instead of fresh water.

As some began to desert the country, in the implementation of projects Aamab sea water, to be used as a source of fresh water, after it decreased freshwater resources, and the eyes of the wells and lakes. These countries have also begun to conduct serious research, about the possibility of dropping rain artificially, but these ideas are still the process of research, because it is very expensive at the present time.

Treatment of drinking water
Treatment of drinking water

The growing global interest in the quality of drinking water, from the mid-twentieth century. It has been translated this interest develop health standards for drinking water standards, suitable for human consumption, so as to ensure hygiene and protection of human, has been associated with many of the epidemics and spread of drinking water contaminated, as happened in the cholera epidemic in the city of Hamburg in 1829, when he was injured more than 17 thousand , died and more than half of them as a result of the epidemic. Was initiated by the United Nations to work on issuing these standards, through one of its specialized organizations, namely the World Health Organization (WHO), which has issued several versions, which contain the specifications of drinking water, and health standards, which shall not be less drinking water for.

To reach these standards and standards for drinking water, it was necessary to expose drinking water, whether surface water or groundwater, for many of the transactions, to reach the maximum degree of purity. In order to conform to specifications of this water, with drinking water standards of World Records. Include drinking water treatment and purification, many steps and stages, including: the stage of separation of sand and suspended solids from the water, then stage flocculation and coagulation Coagulation & Flocculation, followed by phase deposition Sedimentation, then stage filtration sand Sand Filtration, and ending the treatment process by adding chlorine, which is known as process "chlorination" Chlorination. And these steps are followed in many water treatment plants built on the Nile River, to purify the waters of the Nile, and many of the wells, which draws its water from the floor during classes.

Water pollution
Water pollution

Although the human need for urgent water, and a link to its survival survival and water purity, but in spite of that, did not improve dealing with water, as a result of the increase in population activities, agricultural, industrial, near the source of this water, which reduced the properties of natural and chemical, as a result of the increase the focus of many of these pollutants in the water. As a result of the increase in these activities, I lost this water is its ability to get rid of pollutants, and began the symptoms of those pollutants in the ways of the alarm, where deterioration of the crop of the seas and oceans and rivers, and the organisms died, and became extinct some of them, and the water has become in many areas and places, unfit for human consumption.

There are many sources of pollution, which affect the aquatic environment, can be divided into four sections:

Physical pollution.
Chemical pollution.
Biological contamination.
 Radioactive contamination.

Physical pollution: results in changing the standard specifications of the water, through the change in temperature or salinity, or the increase in suspended solids do, whether out of organic or inorganic.
Physical pollution
The resulting increase in the salinity of the water, often, for the increase in the amount of evaporation of the water of the lake, or river, in dry places, without renewing them, or in the presence of a lack of water sources. The physical pollution caused by the high temperature, have, in most cases, as a result of pouring water cooling plants and nuclear reactors, near bodies of water, in these bodies, resulting in the increase in temperature, lack of oxygen, leading to the death of organisms in these places.

Chemical pollution:
The result of this pollution often for increased industrial activities, or agricultural, near bodies of water, leading to leakage of various chemicals to it. The many mineral salts, acids, fertilizers and pesticides, the outputs of these activities which lead to leakage in water pollution, and change attributes , There are many toxic metals, food in the water, leading to poisoning if found in significant concentrations, such as barium, cadmium, lead and mercury. The non-toxic metals, such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, the increase in water lead to certain diseases, as well as to change the characteristics of natural water, such as taste and make it unpalatable. There is also contamination with organic matter, such as nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers, which leads its presence in the water to change its smell, and the growth of weeds and algae, which leads to increased water consumption, and increase evaporation. May eventually lead to the phenomenon of premature aging of lakes Eutrophication, as it turns these lakes to swamps filled with grass and algae, may in the end turn out to dry land

Biological pollution: 
Biological pollution

 The result of this pollution from increased micro-organisms that cause diseases, such as bacteria, viruses and parasites in the water. This produces pollutants, mostly, for the mixing of human and animal waste water, either directly by dispensing directly into freshwater bodies, or saline, or by indirectly by water mixing with sewage or agricultural. The existence of this type of pollution, injury to many diseases. So, you should not use this water for drinking or washing, but after exposing them to different treatment Palmakmat, such as chlorine and mechanical filtration filters

Radioactive contamination: 

 the source of this contamination is, often, by radiation leakage from nuclear reactors, or by getting rid of this waste, in the seas and oceans and rivers. Often this does not happen contamination of any change in the characteristics of natural water, which makes it more types seriousness, where absorbed by objects in the water, in most cases, and accumulate, and then transmitted to humans, while taking these neighborhoods, spoke of the many serious effects , including bugs and transitions that occur in the genes  

Pollution of surface water 

Pollution of rivers and lakes:

This is the most dangerous types of pollution of water pollution at all, because it affects the drinking water and water used in agriculture and irrigation. The resulting contamination of rivers and lakes, from several sources, including the discharge of pollutants resulting from various chemical plants, and sewage in the rivers and oceans. The remnants of agricultural drainage, laden with many organic fertilizers, and flood waters loaded with dissolved organic and chemical, is one of the sources of serious pollution of rivers and lakes, which can not be quantified or controlled. However, in the modern era, and with the increase in industrial activity and air pollution, acid rain has become a problem of the dangers that threaten freshwater sources in the world, especially in industrialized countries.


Pollution of the seas and oceans:
 Lead pollution of the seas and oceans, primarily, to the disruption of the ecological balance of the planet. It makes it more complicated, multiple sources of pollution and the difficulty of age or application of laws to protect the seas and oceans, where it is crossing the seas and oceans of the global international navigation. There are many sources of pollution of the seas and oceans, including sanitation, where emptied many states and countries bordering on the seas and oceans, water dispensing health in these bodies of water. This has caused serious damage to many sources of water bodies, such as, for example, what happened in the Mediterranean Sea, early seventies. But the plan to build treatment plants, sewage water, in all the coastal cities of the Mediterranean. Contributed significantly to the decline in the level of pollution caused by sewage.

It does not vary much for the exchange industry, where the disposal of industrial waste industrial countries and toxic waste and radiation, at sea by ships, or Tdvinha in the bottom of the ocean. It is also leak oil from the oil fields, or incidents of tankers laden with oil, one of the important causes of pollution in the seas and oceans. Adding to the seriousness of these sources, the lack of commitment of many countries to apply international conventions and treaties, which was established and signed to protect the environment, such as the Treaty of London in 1972, and the Convention on Kuwait to protect the marine environment, which was signed by the Gulf States in 1978.

Groundwater contamination:

Longstanding wells were sources of clean water, which can not be polluted waters as a result of the effect of filtration of the soil deposited on the water, but this belief has now changed.

In many cases, the wells used close to the ground, as is the case in shallow wells, and increasing the chance of contamination of biological or chemical.

In the case of deep wells, which are deeper than about 40-50 feet, are considerably less chances of contamination, because the water pass in this case the layers semi-permeable porous, working often on the nomination of the water and rid it of most of the impurities. However, the evidence, gathered in the past few years, has shown that some pesticides and chemicals, and found their way into the water-bearing layer Aquifers in the ground. This is the latest scientific information in very dangerous. The evidence suggests that exposure to large stocks of fresh water from the land, to pollution from many sources. One of these sources:

gricultural activities: the use of water leads to the old ways, such as flooding or excessive use of water, with the misuse of pesticides and fertilizers, to increase the concentration of salts and minerals and nitrates in groundwater, particularly if there is no scientific agricultural drainage systems.

The use of injection wells: the wells used to inject industrial waste and radiation, in aquifers deep saline aquifers. However, it may result in the leakage of these wastes into the upper layers of water-bearing fresh through pipelines across the court, or by the force in the direction of aquifers of fresh water, through cracks in the layers is implemented. 

Groves of exchange: a drilling cabins, built in the villages and towns, where there is no sewerage systems as a means to get rid of waste and wastewater. And the use of lead in these orchards often, to leak its load of bacteria and organic materials to the aquifer, and to contamination. 

Saltwater intrusion: He spoke in wells near the sea salt, as a result of pumping and excessive use of fresh water, leading to the intrusion of salt water from the sea in the direction of aquifers, and mixing with fresh water. As a result, this water becomes unfit for drinking or agriculture.
Surface Disposal of waste: and this happens, often, in industrialized countries, where buried industrial waste this country, in the storage pools superficial
For example, are disposed of about 390 million tons of solid waste in the United States of America, by being buried in designated areas on the surface of the earth. Also being disposed of about 10 thousand million gallons of liquid waste by placing it in storage pools superficial. Failure to tighten the isolation of these ponds, the waste to leak into the aquifer fresh, as is 10% of this waste is a real danger, on human health and the environment.
 And in the event of contamination of groundwater, it is difficult, if not impossible, to get rid of this pollution, or making any treatment of water in aquifers. It makes it more complicated, the presence of this water into the ground and the slow movement, so that the speed of entry into force of this water into the ground, no more than several meters per day, or perhaps several meters per year, depending on the place and type of groundwater. This means the passage of long years before getting rid of any contamination, or by the discovery of any contamination. Leading to its spread through sewers and rivers, the current in the ground.

The apartheid disease that affects the skin, but do not infect the human mind

The apartheid disease that affects the skin, but do not infect the human mind

A research paper submitted by the Baha'i International Community for Durban - South Africa - on racism, racial discrimination, fear of the dark-skinned and other forms of intolerance
20 to 24 April 2009

Does not stem racial segregation of the skin, but of the human mind, and therefore the solution of racial discrimination and estrangement from others and other manifestations of inequality should be, first and foremost, that addresses the illusions mentality that produced false concepts, over thousands of years, the superiority of one sex over another human races. In the roots of this ethnic intolerance lies the erroneous idea that the human race as a component of the foundation of the races separate and multiple layers, and that these groups enjoy the efficiencies of different human mental, moral and physical degrees require different types of deal.

The fact that there is only one human race. We are one people, one planet lives: We are a family linked to the fate of a common humanity and pledged that "be the same as the one".

The recognition of this fact is the perfect antidote to the disease of racism and fear of the other and the other manifestations of discrimination. Thus, this fact must be the guiding principle and the inevitable result behind the discussions and recommendations of the "Durban Durban Review Conference". The true understanding of this fact would be transferred to the stage of humanity beyond the ideas of tolerance, moderation based on multiculturalism. Such concepts represent effective steps towards a just and peaceful world, but alone is not enough to eradicate the pain inherent racism and other kinds of intolerance.

The principle of unity of the human world hits a chord in the depths of the soul. It is not just a way to talk about the ideals of solidarity. Nor is it just a vague concept or slogan. But it reflects the reality of an eternal, spiritual, moral and material crystallized during the process of reaching the stage of maturity of the human race in the twentieth century. This fact became more pronounced today because the people of the world before it became aware of the many ways to adopt an element on each other and become aware of the check and severity inevitable.

The total absorption of the idea of ​​unity of the human race comes after a historic transformation process through which individuals and units to greater human. It is to the families of the tribes, and then to the states and nations, and then to the unions and links countries, it becomes natural that the next step is to create a variety of global civilization, and uniform at the same time. Civilization in which all peoples and cultures integrated parts in the construction of one is the human race itself. As identified Bahá'u'lláh more than a hundred years, "what the earth but one homeland and human population."

The Bahá'í writings acknowledge that the unity of the world humanitarian require "membership changes in the structure of the present society, the changes did not witness the world has ever seen. Less reason to do is re-build the edifice of the civilized world and to achieve disarmament., And calls for addition to creating a world united organically in each hand one fundamental aspect of his life, united in Mnzawmath political, and aspirations spiritual, and in the trade and financial systems, and is united in its language and is covered with the letters spelled, but also is able to contain the endless multiplicity of characteristics nationalism various parts of the United. "

The correct understanding of "the unity of the human world," according to the recommendations of the "Durban Durban Review Conference" implies that any law or tradition or any directed mental grants rights preference or privileges to human group at the expense of the other, this is not just morally wrong, but rather, and essentially is incompatible with the interests of those who think they are better than others, one way or another.

It is also assumed that the Independent States, as contributors to global civilization pop-up, must possess common standards and to take active steps in order to eradicate from their constitutions and laws, traditions and practices of any form of discrimination based on nationality or national or basis of ethnic, religion or language or any attribute or selected individually. While it is possible to have national or ethnic heritage a source of pride and motivation for the development of positive social, should not become the basis for those features new forms of discrimination or preference whatever thin.

Finally, it assumes that justice must be the ruling principle of the social demands and actions taken by governments and a wide, international agencies and civil society organizations will address economic injustice at all levels.

Embody the standards of international human rights international consensus comprehensive, and therefore represent the best available means to combat racism, racial discrimination and prejudices associated with them. Therefore, the "Charter erase all Forms of Racial Discrimination", and signed by 173 countries, is a tool the only global legally binding and that addresses all our discussions here about destruction. It is important to discussions of this conference to emphasize the principles included in the Charter, and demanding application, instead of focusing on other issues lack of harmony and unity.

Membership of more than five million, the Baha'i International Community is made up of individuals belonging to 2000 range of ethnic and tribal descendants of almost all nationalities and religious backgrounds and social classes. The unification of the great diversity at this university than just ideological unity, Its members are working together in groups and consciously to create a global civilization based on justice, peace and sustainable development. The Baha'is believe that their own success in building a unified University of mankind stems from it is inspired by the teachings of a spiritual stresses the fact that "the unity of the human world" and the urgent need to create a peaceful global civilization

May 5, 2014

the first nuclear bomb one of the problems in the world

July 1945 - the bombing of the first nuclear bomb

Launched the process of man on earth since thousands of years, steps primitive scalable, has permeated this process a lot of problems in the world and solutions, these problems turned out to be a revolution and human civilization built, the most important of these solutions to discover, Fire and employment, and the invention of the wheel, and the discovery of steam, electricity, airplanes, diving , and the recruitment of Chemistry and the latter was one of the most important and most dangerous jumps civilization that changed the world and caused a lot of his problems, 16 of July 1945 was blown up first, nuclear in the desert of Los Amos in New Mexico in the United States, as a result of research and experiences of a number of scientists and one of them, "Einstein," The strength of the blast massive bomb equivalent to twenty thousand tons of TNT, the following month Two bombs were dropped directly on the "Hiroshima", "Nagasaki" in Japan, completed the Second World War The blasts left traces massive sabotage In humans and the environment And still have the effect until now The Council's nuclear world. Featuring the royal states of a nuclear bomb, the number of council members, nine members ::: United States, Russia, Britain, France, China , Ukraine, Pakistan, India and Israel , there are three states capable of making a nuclear bomb is Iran, North Korea and South Africa
There is an international treaty to prevent the spread of nuclear arms treaty commits not to produce nuclear weapons, which is a legal barrier to penetrating not allowed except in special cases and are being stored nuclear bombs in the basements built the highest level in the ground or in the ground

May 4, 2014

problems in the world Desert disaster

Began the hostage crisis America when the extremists in the (Iran) operations against the
problems in the world Desert disaster
United States, were attacked by three thousand U.S. embassy and held between 50 to 60 American hostages, and that was the first in November 1979 and continued detention for a period of 444 days that the crisis ended in April 24, 1980 . was the toughest period in the life of the U.S. president (Jimmy Carter), and the Americans did the detention of the hostages is the biggest crisis faced by U.S. civilians outside their country Bayern in Tehran days before Khomeini's rule.
This was a result of America to allow the sheep. Iran to travel to New York for medical treatment, and the failure of President Carter's hostage rescue by political means and military reflects the inability of the administration of President Carter.

The decision to release the hostages and daylight is agreed that the helicopters the U.S. to land at the site to pick up the hostages and take them to a disused airport near the city, and there will be a plane of plane C-141 transfer of all Americans in a safe area across the Saudi desert, leaving the helicopter, it was scheduled to inform the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia after this plan, completed 
Received the news during the twelve hours, from 10:35 Washington time to 22:00 existence of obstacles one after the other. In the 12 o'clock show that two of the helicopters did not reach the site ever, because of a sandstorm, three hours after the plane landed C-130, but there was a truck Iranian in the area were detained passengers and fled, one, though make sure that vehicle traffic in the area is one of the unexpected things, and that was one of the signs of bad luck
At 4:45 pm Washington time told Gen. (Broaan) commander of the operation (Brzezinski), saying that there is a situation requires him to abort the rescue operation, it is among the six aircraft, which arrived at the site, and one broke down, it was still only 5 helicopters only, while was agreed that there will be at least 6 helicopters, and after an hour of deliberation, decided to President (Carter) to abort the rescue operation
problems in the world Desert disaster

 At 18:00 received (Carter) reports that one of the aircraft crashed in the desert and there are many casualties, and it turned out that one of the helicopters crashed on a C-130 plane, which was carrying fuel, and the crew of the helicopter and plane and the number eight all been killed
 The two injured suffered burns and the rest were transferred to the second C-130 helicopter to the island off the coast of Oman. Has been described (Carter) that this day is the fare worse days of his life, in the end had to face the wrath of Eranin one, and the anger of the American people, on the other hand And shame suffered by the administration at the global level in terms of a third, to translate this as a major defeat, in the presidential election at the end of the year did not get (Carter) rewarded the release of the hostages on the announcement, before swear (Reagan's) constitutional right. On January 20, 1981 it was inaugurated (Reagan) two hours, and came out (Carter) of the U.S. administration also entered carrying a question ... Who is the (Carter)?