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May 2, 2014

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the most 10 dangerous problems in the world

 the most 10 dangerous problems in the world facing humanity in the twenty-first century!

- 10 -
excessive population growth

The number of inhabitants of the blue planet in 2013 more than 7 billion people .. study confirmed recently that overpopulation plays an important role in determining the health status of our planet .. and some scientists believe that most of the problems that afflict humanity now and the future is because of overpopulation . . has 


doubled the number of inhabitants of the earth three times in the last 60 years , number of population in 1950 of around 2 billion and a half .. and scary once you think about it .. Scientists believe that by 2030 will reach 9 billion people .. any in the 17 years the next , underscores studies that overpopulation would have a strong of natural resources and biodiversity , and will increase the overall health deteriorated , and currently is the consumption of resources by 50 % higher than normal rates of consumption .. says Jim Lieb general manager of team WWF interested in research related to the environment : "We live as if we have another planet in Hoztna ".." our consumption of natural resources exceeds the rates currently averages for the consumption by 50 % , and this figure is growing rapidly , and in this way by 2030 will not be enough so we need two planets others. " ..

He even Antlguet some movements under the name of " the extinction of the human race voluntary " , which calls for the introduction of our species gradually to Alrkad through collective refusal of reproduction , of course, regardless of whether the idea is crazy , some other movements at least calls for one child per mother , or search for the settlement of other planets out! Far from being a terrifying idea .. Valmdhish thing is that the time that has passed on to write these lines was born almost 1,000 children ! An average of 3 children for each character typed ! ! ! ! You can see the counter "Real Time" for the number of people in the world .. From here you can also see the number of people who were born after you first Homo Sabine " sane person " with

- 9 -


THE Respect for human rights of the nature and its creature has descend , leaving a larger interest in technology and progress , at the expense of nature , some may deny the importance of the problem such as the extinction of various kinds and for and all species , recently increased rates of extinction in animals and plants in parallel .. Perhaps most of the reasons for this problem is global warming and what followed from sudden climatic changes and global warming , leading some species - which has become rare - into the abyss .. away from the terms of mercy and humanity required , Mentality abstract physical extinction rates would cause an increase in the imbalance worse than normal affect on human life .. and for those interested in the matter , were briefed on the latest news of " extinction " on the National Geographic site.

- 8 -

Fisheries and overfishin

There will be no fish in the ocean after 50 years! ! This was the title of one of the addresses environmental studies related to fisheries .. is blue - ocean - is the largest source of food in the world .. Fishes are a source of basic protein per day to more than 1.2 billion people , and the scientists warns from the collapse of the coming of Fisheries in less than 50 year .. and all this because of " overfishing " fishing vessels annually publishes about 1.4 billion .. fishing hook and catch some big ships could open the window to become the size of four football pitches , which may accommodate 13 jumbo jet ! ! These nets can accommodate 500 tons of fish , and among these nets can hunt sea creatures many huge quantities , usually in shrimp trawlers received from 80% to 90% of the huge dead sea creatures in the sea again! It is estimated that for every kilogram of shrimp is throwing 9 kg of other large marine creatures ! Hopes all fish eaters or eat freely .. hoping the story behind it .. and you will be able to our children and grandchildren from ever seeing it .. or will become a legend , like the dinosaurs , just a commemorative photo of her! ! No .. and this world will become ! !

- 7 -

deforestation: the elimination of the lungs of the planet's blue!

Deforestation is the process of destruction of the forest in order
to use the land for other purposes , such as building on it .. has been lost about 18 million acres of forest in the previous year estimated by the United Nation Foods, about half of the tropical forests have been removed , the forest lost about 12 % to 17 % of the contribution
in reducing emissions of greenhouse gases that cause global warming - global warming - ! ! Forests play an important role in maintaining the planet from the risk of global warming and contribute to the water cycle , they absorb greenhouse gases and carbon emissions and produce oxygen and water vapor ! 70% of the plants and animals living in the forest , and of course, the reasons for the extinction of the factions that we talked about is the deforestation that serves as their cities , and a source of security for them from harmful emissions resulting from human evil to reach his objective at the expense of nature! And that will affect the biodiversity and ecological balance , which would hurt the rights of course .. good forest deforestation , absorb carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases, the first accused in the phenomenon of global warming and the problem of climate variability , without trees will increase it worse and it will become very difficult to control levels of carbon and greenhouse gases in the atmosphere ! And it is worse than that .. Trees are a source of carbon when burned or still , as the tropical forests contain more than 220 Jijatun of carbon - and Gigabyte ton is equal to about 1,000,000,000,000 kg - and deforestation represent approximately 15 % of the emissions of greenhouse gases , according to WWF estimate ! The forests play an important role for the water cycle , they are releasing water vapor , and without forests would be drier climate . Also forests contribute to the prevention of soil erosion , they keep it protected and coherent , but without forest soils exposed more to the sun and corrosion , which leads to dry land and erosion and then problems such as floods or desertification , " the inability of termites on agriculture and Bawarha " , also water resources can spoil her arrival silt , which will affect the public health, for sure! !

- 6 -
  waste management and recycling

 Because of the mass consumption of excessive products -
wasteful consumption - and use the wrong sometimes have , we have the largest possible garbage and waste , I think it's in the contest cleaner planet .. will not qualify even for the competition , garbage dumps are expanding and growing rapidly , causing aggravation things and conglomerate problems , and this is certainly cause deterioration of the public health of humans and the planet ! The poor organization and management and waste recycling and garbage cause air and water pollution worse and worse .. and humans are also involved in extravagant consumption, which increases the percentage of garbage in the world .. I think this may be the problem of non-hazardous now , but certainly if care about them and treat them Vsttrakm things and it will become difficult to treat , so we have to learn how to provide in consumption, and consume what we really need and leave what is not needed , and certainly how to get rid of the right way Mkhalafatna friendly environment that does not harm us in the future
  - 5 -


I think that the most serious problems facing humanity is humanity itself ! Yes , we are fighting each other - often - for
trivial reasons , when I look into the causes of wars, chances are the cause of the 3 , either for resources - greed - and either of the occupation - greed - and either for revenge - play Eyal - ..! The wars are more things drain on human resources and natural , there are many victims in wars for reasons of greed and avarice , the differences that are trying to do to differentiate them among ourselves is that made us get out of the framework of the banner of humanity that brings us to the flags of other titles and fake different ! I also think that we do wrong nature , what sin nature and other creatures in order to pay for our differences and we hated each other for ? ! What is the guilt and innocent people who lost their victims trivial differences ? ! ! And wars cause environmental damage such as deforestation and habitat destruction leading to the extinction of some species and soil erosion and water pollution and air , is the use of chemical weapons and nuclear that cause environmental problems and human happened to her and does not threaten our existence all!

 - 4 -

I think that the problem of pollution of more problems that appear Cezovrnia within us ! We hear them in schools and
universities , and read about in the newspapers and the Internet, and we know that with seriousness and do not you take her not ! But complete and in the process of corrupting the earth contaminates it ..! And types of pollution , there is - as we studied in school - pollution audio, optical , radioactive , watery , antenna . The pollution affected Avadatna and our culture , and the way we get rid of Mkhalafatna , and affects our ecosystem - environmental - and the natural balance and public health to us. And air pollution is the most dangerous types of pollution almost , and is the most , Our lives Civil built and built to burn fossil fuels in the movement and the industry , and releasing chemicals harmful to the environment in large quantities too , causing air pollution and global warming , car exhaust , factories, and other operating burning of fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas and oil produces harmful gases such as nitrogen oxides and sulfur and carbon -induced global warming and acid rain and air pollution causing high rates of diseases such as asthma and cancer. And water pollution is also caused by the dumping of solid waste and organic or leak oil or remnants of its ships and factories and sewage and improper use of different sources of water , making it one of the most dangerous things at all. And polluted air may cause many diseases in humans , such as asthma , and lung cancer , chest pain and tension !

- 3 -
water and agricultural production

Believe it or not , this man ! Stripped of all humanity touches the onion , in order to live! I've called the blue planet Earth , because more than 70% of the planet's surface is covered with water in all its forms ! But with that , scientists say that there is no non- 1 % or less of water fit for drinking and human use only , and the remainder is available for fish " is not all due to contamination !" Water is of paramount importance for us , the first thing we think of when we look to him in the settlement of another planet or moon , for example , look for water in it, means that water is life , and life without water perish ! Did you know that a day die more than 25,000 thousand people due to diseases related to water pollution , " 1991 " , die every day about 1,000 children , " 2008 !" Water sources may be limited due to many reasons, natural and human , such as the problem of overpopulation and excessive growth of the population that we talked about is certainly a factor in the existence of the problem of limited water and the lack of sources for human use ! But with tracking blocks human of individuals, institutions, habits wrong and , as we know the regime ecological - environmental - linked and synaptic , any defect leads to problems and other side effects , so air pollution and soil and global warming and fossil fuel consumption are all working on various water pollution sources !

- 2 -

We have turned our recently addicted to fossil products - oil - such as petroleum and natural gas and coal , and increased greed too , reaching to the wars and conflicts in order to get on fossil fuels ! With the whole world knows how dangerous dependence on fossil fuels mainly , scientists believed that the way in our production and our consumption of energy is the wrong reason behind the rest of the problems that we are experiencing and that threatens our planet and our lives ! The exhaust energy generation - electric or motor transport - from fossil fuels have nitrogen oxides and carbon and other substances that cause global warming , and therefore the problem of climate variability and the high level of water and global warming and the lack of biodiversity resulting from the extinction of species and pollution in air , water and soil , and the deterioration of public health ! In spite of these words , which have become a reality and we are suffering , but that the rate of consumption - attraction to - fossil fuels increase by 3 % per annum ! Also is a source of fossil fuels and non-renewable resource of energy, it will run dry by 2050 as scientists predict ! Any case expire after 38 years , but you will bear with us and this planet will bear the next 38 years of pollution and wars and addiction ? ! ! There were some sources of clean energy and renewable drawn to some developed and developing countries in order to leave the fossil fuels and orientation of the renewable fuels goal of many images such as solar , and wind power , and hydropower , and energy tidal , and geothermal energy Geothermal and many other aspects of permanent and clean energy that produces electricity without the inconvenience and without pollution ! But for the time being to suffer most of these resources from the technical problems of engineering make efficiency low and the price high and seen by some as a failure, but many research papers and scientific research are published daily to solve these problems and for sure it will be a suitable and highly efficient and affordable soon! We must learn how to limit ourselves and take advantage of what civilized nature of it without damaging it , and this is not optional is a fateful decision and required us to accept it , to turn to the sources of clean and renewable , and to learn how to kick the fossil fuel , otherwise we will see our planet - including contents - breaks down and destroys !

 - 1 -
global warming and climate variability 

Accuses people of Earth are many issues the most serious issue of the consumption and production of illegal energy resources harmful to the environment and the planet , crime partners are greenhouse gases that cause global warming that is causing the problem of climate variability ! We have increased the temperature of the planet is about 1.5 degrees, and is expected in the next 100 years the increase in the temperature of the planet from 2 to 1.5 degrees ! And the simple and little change in temperature and climate , significantly affects the ecosystem and the planet and cause problems such as catastrophic that we talked about .. the Earth's temperature rises and accompanied by high water temperatures and increasing acidification , melting ice , rising water level , the occurrence of hurricanes and cyclones and marine industries and the many strong and the extinction of animals and plants ! This problem will affect our lives and a lot more than they thought and think for some, the change in the quality of the food we eat , grow crops and species of the plant by a large margin

And would harm other plants , will affect food prices and thus increase prices in general , the multiplicity of health problems , then this problem are strongly associated with the rest of the problems affected them and affect them .. and the most serious at all!

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