Problems in the world rocked the world of technology in 2013 ~ problems in the world

May 3, 2014

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Problems in the world rocked the world of technology in 2013

Scandals in 2013, there have been technology companies in general or by officials in particular.

 Witnessed in 2013 a lot of problems in the world and exciting events related to the world of technology and technique, such as the detection of smart phones again, and launch pads new generation of video games, but at the same time, there was a series of technical problems, which later became the high-profile scandals, condemned specific companies.

1)  spy on smartphones   

Most of the companies smartphones almost without exception are eavesdropping on users recording voice calls, for the treatment of technical problems in the visible, as some think, or to use those files for the benefit of certain countries to search for terrorists and criminals as they claim, and perhaps the best evidence of the validity of what we say is the statements of the U.S. president "Barack Obama, "which was announced by joking that he could not possess the iPhone because of privacy issues related to it.

 2 ) Microsoft spying on players video

Having experienced "Microsoft " to a scandal last year , when he announced that the CIA used for enterprise applications such as Skype and MSN for information specific to certain people

around the world , the company denied such talk altogether , but having lost credibility with layer wide range of masses , rumors of spying and leaking private information of users reappeared again in mid-2013 when it was announced a Xbox One with terminal " Kinect " sensor 4 m that require constant contact with the Internet , and can not be machine works without it , which means recording everything that happens in the home all day , and possibly the use of such information without the knowledge of the player, " Microsoft " returned later denied those rumors , and had to cancel the permanent Internet connection , so is uncertainty about the final audience .

  3) NSA scandal cost the American economy billions of dollars 

Spy scandal involving the National Security Agency, the American information technology and

 technical innovations, causing the leak doubt to users within the U.S. and outside the U.S., which resulted in a move away from the protection systems and information security by a huge number of users has become a doubt in the modus operandi of the company and maintain confidentiality, which is expected to cost the U.S. economy up heavy losses, according to economic analyzes to 35 billion dollars.

4) the wife of the ChaCha cause scandal
"Scott Jones" CEO ChaCha famous subjected to an embarrassing situation in 2013 when his wife publish Tweets on the social networking site "Twitter" confirming betraying him and spend time with other women, "Jones" tried to justify himself from those charges, but caused increase in the world's attention to it without knowing it.

 5) Head of Google betray his wife
Several reports on the Web that the President of the company "Google" Mr. "Eric Schmidt" a
romantic relationship with a woman other than his wife, living thousands of miles away from the headquarters of the company "Google" and is visited in her home every short period of time, and although of the common spread like wildfire, but that "Eric" did not refute the news.

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